Who we are

Our vision is to be the leader in innovative, customer-centric tolling and sustainable transportation infrastructure.

We're the team behind the Port Mann Bridge

TI Corp built the new Port Mann Bridge and Highway 1, and created TReO, the made-in-BC toll system.

We’re a small Crown corporation that creates innovative solutions to keep highways safe and flowing smoothly, and tolling easy, electronic and efficient for customers.

Our team:

  • Managed British Columbia’s largest transportation project
  • Develops and manages all-electronic tolling systems
  • Built and operates the province’s most intelligent, connected highway
  • Provides customer service and account management for more than a million drivers
  • Linked the region’s tolling systems into one customer experience

We’re dedicated to the efficient management of the Port Mann Bridge, ensuring  fast and reliable travel on Highway 1 between Langley and Vancouver.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in innovative, customer-centric tolling solutions and sustainable transportation infrastructure that improves customer mobility.

TI Corp’s values describe the ways in which TI Corp employees work together as a team:

  • Value every voice
  • We share every challenge
  • We are limitless in our pursuits
  • Any excuse for a potluck

Partners, clients, stakeholders

TI Corp’s key partners include:

  • Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • BC Transportation Financing Authority
  • Municipalities adjacent to the corridor
  • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
  • TransLink
  • Trans Canada Flow Tolling Inc. (TC Flow)
  • Sanef Inc.
  • Mainroad Infrastructure Management Limited Partnership
  • V-Flow Tolling Inc.

Key stakeholders and clients include tolling customers, businesses and industries that will benefit from the project improvements and those providing advice and input:

  • TI Corp’s customers, the travelling public
  • RCMP and other first responders
  • First Nations
  • Businesses, Chambers of Commerce
  • Commercial trucking, service companies and drivers