TReO toll system

TI Corp developed TReO, the easy, electronic and efficient toll system on the Port Mann Bridge.

We worked with industry experts and used the latest all-electronic toll technology to create a made-in-BC tolling system specifically for Metro Vancouver drivers.

More than 1.5 million vehicles are registered with TReO and that number is growing every day.

Easy, electronic and efficient

TI Corp used class-leading electronic toll technology to make the system as fast and streamlined as the new bridge itself. TReO radio frequency windshield decals mean no toll booths and free-flow traffic with no stopping, and no unnecessary congestion or emissions.

Customer service is just as fast and convenient with numerous ways to pay online at, over the phone or in person. A driver can choose to wait for their toll bill in the mail, or pay within seven days of their crossing for the lowest rate.

TReO is easiest and most efficient when a customer is registered for an account with a payment method on file – their tolls are paid automatically and the driver is guaranteed the lowest available rate.

It’s efficient for customers, and efficient for TI Corp, too. The automated system cuts down on administration and reduces TI Corp’s costs, helping keep tolls low.

Efficiency through best-in-class registration

In any given rush hour, more than 80% of Port Mann drivers are registered with a TReO account. That’s a best-in-class number for any tolled facility.

TReO’s high rate of registered customers is due to a registration campaign early in the tolling period. More than 750,000 customers signed up early on for a free TReO account and windshield decal.

Trips by registered customers are easier to identify and process. With a payment method attached to a driver’s TReO account, tolls are deducted automatically, eliminating the need for mailed bills. This keeps reconciliation streamlined and efficient, reducing costs for both drivers and TI Corp.

Customer service

Customer service is a priority, and one of TI Corp’s goals is to ensure TReO customers save time both on the road and through a streamlined billing process.

The vast majority of Port Mann Bridge drivers pay their bills automatically through their TReO accounts. For everyone else, TI Corp ensures customers have a variety of convenient payment options available to them.

Customers can pay over the phone, in person at a walk-in customer service centre, through the mail or at their bank. TReO’s call centre, based in Coquitlam, British Columbia, offers services in six languages, making sure all Port Mann drivers benefit from its promise of superior customer service.

Our tolling partner

TI Corp works closely with its tolling partner, Trans-Canada Flow Tolling (TC Flow), to manage tolling on the Port Mann Bridge. TC Flow operates the TReO customer contact and service centres and provides front-line customer service for toll collection, billing and payment.

TC Flow is based in Coquitlam, British Columbia and gives TI Corp’s small team the ability to provide customer service for the more than 3 million monthly crossings and transactions processed by the TReO toll system.