Combined billing for the region

The TReO toll system became even easier and more efficient for customers when TI Corp launched combined billing with the Golden Ears Bridge. Drivers on both bridges can now receive one TReO bill for their crossings on both bridges.

Expanding TReO’s easy, efficient system

The TReO decal is the key to combined billing. It’s the simplest way to pay for tolls, and guarantees customers the best rates on both bridges.

Most TReO customers are already set for combined billing. All that’s needed is a TReO account, a payment method on file, and a TReO decal installed in their car.

One toll decal for the region

TI Corp worked with TransLink, the toll authority on the Golden Ears Bridge, to expand the success of the TReO system to the region’s other tolled crossing.

The toll systems on the Port Mann Bridge and the Golden Ears Bridge have been interoperable since the new Port Mann opened, but with combined billing, customers have the added benefit of one TReO bill for both crossings. Trips are listed by bridge and by vehicle, so it’s easy to see when and where they crossed.

In addition to making life simpler for customers, combined billing makes the two toll systems more efficient by reducing paper and consolidating processes.

Visit for more information

For answers to frequently asked questions about combined billing with Golden Ears Bridge, visit TReO’s combined billing page.