Project improvements

The Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project addresses growing regional congestion to improve the movement of people, goods and transit throughout Metro Vancouver. The project reflects the need for a balance of transit, road and bridge improvements to keep traffic moving, our economy strong and the region liveable.

Reduce travel times for trips along the corridor and increase their predictability – The limited capacity of the original bridge and highway resulted in congestion and delays and, just as importantly, difficulty in predicting travel times. The project has significantly reduced travel times – by up to 50% – saving drivers 40 minutes per day. In addition, more capacity on the bridge and highway has made travel, and travel times, more predictable.

Reduce congestion at entry and exit points to Highway 1 – In addition to 37 kilometres of highway widening, the project includes replacement of nine highway interchanges, including Cape Horn and 152 Street in Surrey, which together with the original Port Mann Bridge were responsible for significant bottlenecks and delays. Replacing interchanges has reduced delays for vehicles entering and leaving the highway, and the resulting reduction in congestion has improved the safety and efficiency for through-traffic as well.

Reduce travel times for trips across the corridor and improve connections within and between communities – In addition to improved access and egress from Highway 1, several new interchanges include wider highway overpasses, providing better connections between communities on either side of the highway. New interchanges providing better connections between communities include Willingdon, Sprott-Kensington, Cape Horn, 160 Street and 176 Street.

Improve access to and egress from the corridor for goods movement – In addition to new, truck-only ramps connecting Highway 1 and the United Boulevard commercial/industrial area of Coquitlam, the project also includes improved vehicle height clearance at interchanges along the corridor. Goods movers also benefit from efficiency, safety and travel time savings offered by highway widening and improved highway and bridge capacity.

Facilitate transit service along the corridor – With the PMH1 improvements, transit buses are now able to cross the Port Mann Bridge for the first time in over a generation. The new Highway 1 ExpressBus service connects Langley (at Carvolth Transit Exchange) to Skytrain (Lougheed Station, Burnaby) in about 25 minutes.

Expand HOV, cycling and pedestrian networks along or in the vicinity of the corridor – The project includes HOV lanes from Grandview Highway in Vancouver to east of 200 Street in Langley. The project also includes new HOV on- and off-ramps at Grandview Highway, 156 Street in Surrey and 202 Street in Langley. For cyclists and pedestrians, the project includes a number of new multi-use paths, including a new cyclist/pedestrian connection across the Port Mann Bridge.

Improve safety for vehicle operators and passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians – In addition to capacity and efficiency improvements, the project includes highway and interchange designs that improve sight lines and reduce curves. In addition, design improvements at key locations will reduce congestion and traffic weaving, providing for improved safety.