Noise mitigation

Before the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project began, noise levels were measured along the corridor to provide baseline data for fact-based assessments on the need for, and effectiveness of, noise mitigation measures. All areas within the project scope were subjected to testing that involved the same criteria in accordance with our Environmental Certificate requirements and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Revised Policy for Mitigating the Effects of Traffic Noise from Freeways and Expressways (1993).

The Port Mann Highway 1 (PMH1) Improvement Project includes approximately 14 kilometres of noise mitigation measures along the 37-kilometre Highway 1 project corridor to address long-term noise related to highway traffic. This includes the use of noise walls and landscaping in the form of earth berms and buffers that create a physical barrier to redirect sound. Noise mitigation was built along the project corridor where future expected noise levels warranted these measures. For more information, see the Noise Mitigation Fact Sheet.

To review the noise assessment reports, please click on the links below.

In order for noise mitigation to be considered, an area must meet five criteria as set by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Noise Policy for Freeways and Expressways.