Innovative solutions

TI Corp delivers transportation and infrastructure solutions. From funding through to construction and tolling, our team builds more than bridges and highways.

TI Corp builds innovative transportation and funding solutions

Our team managed the on-time and on-budget construction of the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project. We created the TReO toll system to pay for the project and we manage customer service for more than 3 million customer toll transactions a month.

Every day, our operations and maintenance team makes sure the bridge and highway are safe, fast and the preferred route for commuters.

Infrastructure - Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project

The Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project is the largest-ever transportation project in British Columbia’s history. TI Corp built the project on time and on budget and drivers are saving 40 minutes a day – hours a week – on the faster, safer and more efficient bridge and highway.

Tolling technology

TI Corp developed TReO, the easy, electronic and efficient toll system on the Port Mann Bridge. Our team adopted the latest all-electronic toll technology to create a made-in-BC tolling system specifically for Metro Vancouver drivers.

Highway operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems

The improved Port Mann/Highway 1 corridor makes use of the latest Intelligent Transportation Systems to help keep the highway safe, efficient and fast for customers.

Customer service and experience

TI Corp manages TReO customer channels to ensure toll customers receive service with respect, integrity and accountability.

Interoperability and combined billing

TI Corp developed a system to combine billing for the Golden Ears and Port Mann bridges. Linking back-ends from two different toll systems means one TReO bill for two bridges, and an easier, more efficient toll system for Metro Vancouver drivers.